How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

Without parental consent, you must be 18 years of age or older, with valid photo ID. We tattoo ages 16 - 18 years upon our discretion with parental consent, with valid photo ID from both the parent and child.

How do I book a tattoo appointment?

In order to book a tattoo appointment, you must first have a consult with us in order to determine design ideas, sizing and placement options, and go over pricing. Once all of that is determined, we would then get you booked in for an appointment! Please fill out our booking inquiry form to begin the booking process!

Can I just walk in and get tattooed?

COVID UPDATE: For the time being, we are operating by appointment only, in order to minimize foot traffic. Once COVID is over: Yes!! We try to accomodate walk-ins every day, however it all depends on how busy our artists are on any given day. If you would like to just walk in and get tattooed, the best thing would be to call our shop between 12pm and 1pm to see if any artists have some time available that day. While we can't guarantee appointments over the phone, we can let you know if someone may have time available!

How do I book a consult?

We suggest that you please fill out our online consultation form first! If an in-person consult is required, we will direct you to book one, however many tattoo appointments can be booked via our booking form! If you would very much rather come in person, please feel free to book an in-person consult here:

What kind of ID is accepted?

Options include: passport, photo health card, or drivers license; or birth certificate + photo student card; or photo student card + non-photo health card.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Pricing depends on the size, detail, and style of your desired piece, and how long will be needed to complete it! We determine all of this via our booking inquiry form!

What should I do before getting tattooed?

Before for your appointment: - Please arrive on time, otherwise you may compromise your tattoo appointment. - Please arrive well-nourished and well-rested. - Do not arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will be provided fully, detailed aftercare instructions following your appointment, however some key things to note before getting tattooed: - You must wash and moisturize your new tattoo at least once a day - No swimming, suntanning, hot tubs, or baths for 2-3 weeks - No suntan lotion for 2 weeks If you have any other questions, please ask at your consult or email or call us!