First off, thank you for choosing Skintricate Tattoo Company as your shop of choice!!


You have just received a professional, safe, and sterile body piercing. We have used the highest surgical implant grade surgical steel for your jewellery and throughout the piercing procedure. We have done our part, now lets focus on your part!


It is now up to you to take care of your new piercing, so remember: it is normal for the piercing to become swollen and red within the next 24hrs, and you can expect it to get crusty and somewhat sore within the next 48hrs. Depending on the area that has just been pierced, and the size of the jewellery, the healing time varies from 4 to 12 weeks.



If you purchased an H2Ocean Piercing Spray, follow these simple instructions for 4 - 6 weeks:

1. Spray on desired area 3 times a day minimum (e.g. when you wake up, once in the afternoon and again before you go to bed).

2. Once sprayed on, simply let it air dry. Do not pat dry or immediately cover with clothing.

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for 4 - 6 weeks, or until piercing is fully healed.



If you have decided to heal your piercing with just soap and water, follow these instructions for 4 - 6 weeks: 

1. Wash your hands before you clean your piercing!

2. We recommend that you use non-scented soap (e. g. Dove or Ivory), or spectro gel.

3. Clean the piercing three times a day (e.g. morning, noon and night). Be sure to clean it after a shower to remove any dirt from your hair and face that may have attached itself to the piercing, even if it exceeds the initial 3 times a day.

4. Put the soap on a clean finger and gently go around both ends of the piercing, then splash the area with water to remove the soap and any debris.

5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for 4 - 6 weeks, or until piercing is fully healed.



All of the precautions listed below are important to follow for a minimum of 14 days after the piercing, as all could result in serious irritation, pro-longed healing and, of course, a very nasty infection!

1. DO NOT play with, move/twist, or touch the piercing!

2. DO NOT let other people touch your piercing, including pets.

3. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, salt and water, or wound healing creams/ointments, such as polysporn, bacitracin etc.

4. DO NOT cover or wrap your piercing in any form of dressing ie. Gauze or Bandaids.

5. DO NOT pick, pull, peel or scratch off any crunchies/scabs.

6. DO NOT go swimming in a pool, hot tub, lake, whatever, for at least 2 weeks.


If you have any problems or questions please don’t hesitate to call us here at the shop 905-858-5055.

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