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Thank you for your interest in our shop! We look forward to ordering your new jewellery for you! Due to the nature of body piercings, we must assess the current piercing to determine guage and length or diameter needed for the new jewellery, which can only be done in person by one of our professional piercers. Please book your custom jewellery order appointment below, 

Please visit our vendor websites to browse jewellery options beforehand, in order to choose which you would like to order,. We will then determine appropriate size needed and find out pricing for you at your custom jewellery order appointment. If you would then like us to place the order, we will take a 50% deposit, which will come off the final price once ordered!

If you don't know which piece you would like, or what would go with your current jewellery, please feel free to book an appointment and come in, Anna or Maddy will gladly recommend some pieces for you!

Please note: once orders are placed, sale is final. All body jewellery sales are non-refundable.

Please visit our vendor websites here:

Alchemy Adornment -

Invictus Body Jewelry -

Junipurr Jewelry -

Please book your custom jewellery order consultation now, free of charge! Anna will be happy to help you out on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. And Maddy on Tuesdays or Fridays!

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