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Thank you for your interest in booking your next piercing with us! We have two amazing piercers available, Anna and Maddy!

Anna is available: every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday during our business hours. Anna has over nineteen years of experience and provides an exceptional service! Please note: Anna does not do young children's ears. Her minimum age for earlobes is 9/10. Please book with Maddy for young children ages 4 - 9!

Maddy is available: every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday during our business hours. Maddy loves doing children's earlobes, minimum age is 4/5 at the piercers' discretion. She also loved doing funky projects and stacked lobes, as well as floating navels for those who can't get regular navel piercings due to their anatomy. Please note: Maddy does not currently do septum, daith, tongue, or male genital piercings, or microdermals. Please book with Anna for those!


And don't forget, every Sunday is Buy One, Get One Half Off Piercings! We will apply the promo at checkout. You can get multiples on yourself or split with a friend!

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