How much does microblading cost?

The prices for microblading with Savannah are: Consultations: FREE Initial Microblading: $350+tax 6 week follow-up: $150+tax Annual touchup: $150 - $200+tax Corrections (to someone else’s work): $400+tax (consultation required) + $150+tax 6 week follow up

What should I do before my appointment?

Before your microblading appointment, you want to make sure your skin is in good shape for the procedure. Avoid tanning, harsh face scrubs, botox or chemical peels for a minimum of 2 weeks before your appointment. It’s also a good idea to avoid taking Advil (ibuprofen) or aspirin, or drinking alcohol for 48-72 hours before your appointment, as these substances are considered blood thinners. It’s okay to wear makeup to your appointment! In fact, if you regularly fill in your brows, seeing how you prefer to wear them can be helpful before designing your new brows, however it is not required!

How do I take care of my new brows?

You will be given instructions about how to care for your microbladed brows at your appointment, but here are a few examples to help you decide if you can keep up with the required aftercare. - Do not immerse your brows in water for 10-14 days. The aftercare sheet will explain how to gently wash the microbladed area and how often. - Do not put any makeup on your brow area 2 weeks. The skin has been broken, so treat it like an open wound. - Do not pick at the small scabs that may form. Any scabbing will be light, but necessary to properly heal your brows. Picking the scabs can affect your results. - Do not go swimming or tanning for 2 weeks, and don’t use any harsh face scrubs or chemical peels for a minimum of 2 weeks.

What is microblading?

Microblading can also be known as cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, or micropigmentation. Microblading is the process of implanting colour pigment just beneath the surface of the skin using a tiny, disposable needle. This enhances or radically redefines your natural brows, bringing out the most beautiful features of your face and eliminating the need to fill in your eyebrows.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading is considered semi-permanent. It will not wash off, but it will gradually fade over time and may require a touch-up every 1-2 years. How often you need a touch-up depends on a number of factors, including: - The pigment used (lighter colours tend to fade faster) - Frequency and intensity of sun exposure - Iron deficiency (if your body is low on iron, it can absorb the iron-oxide pigment faster) - Facial treatment (chemical peels will fade your eyebrows more quickly) - Your unique skin type The need for touch-ups is normal for all cosmetic tattoo procedures. Each new procedure will typically require 2 visits. The first microblading procedure will be followed up by a touch-up appointment approximately 6 weeks later.

How do I book an appointment?

Please book using our online booking form here. Please be sure to take clear, non-blurry photos in good lighting!